Le Crystal Natural Deodorant

Le Crystal Natural Deodorant

Roll-On & Stone
A Completely Natural Body Deodorant

Made in France

Le Crystal Natural comes in the form of a crystal opalescent stone or a Roll-on. and is made of natural mineral salts and is exceptionally effective at eliminating body odor. Invisible mineral salt deposits remain on the skin to prevent odorous bacteria from forming and can be used daily and is recommended for all skin types, and both Men & Woman.

Le Crystal Natural is Hypoallergenic, Completely free of perfumes and chemicals Fragrance Free and will not stain clothing, will not leave white flakes and leaves no residue.

Le Crystal Natural Roll-On: Applied daily the roll-on will not last as long as the stone but is ideal for those who are more comfortable with the familiar roll-on format.

Le Crystal Natural Stone: Moisten the stone and gently rub on the underarm. The crystals natural mineral salts form a protective barrier against odor causing bacteria on your body. So you maintain you body’s natural balance. One stone used daily can last up to a year.

Le Crystal

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