Homeopathic ExtRemedy / Pain Relief

Almond Hand & Body Lotion

ExtRemedy is a natural, homeopathic, OTC topical pain Lotion/Spray that alleviates ANY pain in seconds.

If you have pain and you want to get rid of it quickly, safely and completely...

ExtRemedy Pain Lotion/Spray is the best pain reliever you will ever find. Simply rub it on pain and the pain is gone in 15 seconds.


Apply liberally on and around area of pain, surrounding the pain. Do not rub hard; simply apply. For headaches, apply completely on forehead, between the eyebrows, both temples the back of the neck, around the ears and under the eyes. For all-over body pain, put 8-10 pumps of ExtRemedy Lotion into a warm to hot bath, mix in and soak for about 5 minutes.
Some severe pains may possibly need a little more time and more than one application the first time used, but fewer applications the ensuing times used.

What we have discovered in ExtRemedy is a way to get pain relief to the source of the pain almost instantly in a natural over-the-counter homeopathic topical lotion and spray, without the usual discomfort of irritation or any dangerous or unhealthy chemicals or the strong or foul smell usually associated with topical pain relievers. This is an amazing lotion with a slight, pleasant smell, that when rubbed on, alleviates pain instantly. ExtRemedy does not numb either.

Natural ExtRemedy absolutely works on all pains such as arthritis, muscle pain, backache, all joint pain, headaches, including migraines and sinus headaches, sunburn; Any and all pain.


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